Inspiration ... To enable a trade off from the restrictions in our freedoms to go out by off setting risk with data opt in from mobile phone users about their location.

What it does....It shows you how busy or quiet an essential activity is so that you can schedule a run, walk or trip to buy groceries by booking your slot.

How I built it.... I'm looking for app developers who can realise this ideas potential.

Challenges I ran into... Individuals using the app will need to accept the trade off of information about their location being shared freely but without specifying data which could be sensitive.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.... Developing the idea and that in particular it could be valuable for supermarkets to organise the flow of customers.

What I learned....Neither me or my business partner will be able to code the app within such a short deadline.

What's next for Social Distancing and Scheduling App.need app developermates

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