Clerks in supermarkets who are fake cuffing, just to let people stay away from them from 1,5 meters distance. Young people in the park sitting in a group on a bench, talking, laughing and sitting just 30 centimeters from each other, but in their perception it FEELS like a meter. Two elderly ladies, walking the dogs, chatting. They think they are 1,5 meters from each other, but when they measure with their own arms, it is not 1,5 meters, not at all. They laugh about it but also feel a bit ashamed.

With the Social Distance app, we are really getting social on the long term by helping people like you and me in our daily lives to keep distance in preventing the COVID19 to spread. It helps people to really measure but also from a social, psychological side; YOU don't have to ask to keep distance, the app does this for you.

We can make this app together based on existing technologies and spread the word. Together we can prevent the virus to spread.

It can be a necessary tool for helping for care takers, for people in waiting rooms, supermarkets, business people who have to meet offline, people in the parks, clerks in the supermarket,... people like you and me.

What it does

The app has the following features:

  1. Social Distancing; based on location you get notified when someone is coming to close or if you are doing a great job (you can exclude the people you are living with). Based on positive communication we can change behaviour.

  2. Daily updates; Every day people fill out how they feel. All this data can be for a national health organization so they can act based on facts (because Covid tests are not everywhere).

  3. Local Community (nice to have) We can help each other with bringing groceries to elderly people, sending postcards (or online love).

How I built it

I have build a prototype.

There are 2 options.

  1. Short term Make a Social Distance app based on GPS. The location is not accurate so in the communication we have to change this. This can be build on short term.

  2. Long term Because the long term solution can be build in a neural network it has way more impact. The main thing is; you get the location very exact. This is key.

Challenges I ran into

1.The technical side; the tech which is needed is now in research.

  1. We found a lot of organizations who wanted this app but due to Covid19 they don't have the funds right now and the digital funds of the government are allready spent
  2. A big company who was interested in working together said just this week they couldn't do it anymore

So. Tech & Finance but I can find another fund if we have the tech, I really believe that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That a lot of people, are willing to use this; healthorganizations, governments, people working in the healthsector, companies. I also made a Frontlinie app.

Also the press made press releases.

What I learned

A lot!

  1. Yes I can make more myself than I thought
  2. The concepts are great, you only need funding in front (I thought because it is a good cause, a company will carry this right away...)
  3. I met really great people, great developers who adviced me a lot

What's next for Social Distance App

  1. Now: Launching a variant; Frontline app which is not based on GPS but can help the caretakers;
  2. This week: Talking to Pamela Pavliscak this week if she can help with the tech/funding
  3. Long term; researching the right techniques. This technique can than also be used for other concepts.

Rough prototype:

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