The Covid-19 crisis has broken social connections and caused isolation for many people in Switzerland. Amongst other things, it affected the way people cook and eat. For some, especially those isolated alone, it stopped being a social activity that can be shared with others and we wished to change that. We were inspired by private video calls, such as those proposed by Skype or other similar applications. We wanted to extend this idea and allow people to share and participate in a live-stream cooking events with a strong emphasis on the social character of this experience.

What it does

The goal of the application is to bring people together around cooking. In practical terms, a person that we will call Heidi wants to share a recipe with others. She creates a Kitchen (an event) at a specific date, time and with a chosen language. She registers the name of the recipe, the ingredients and also the maximum number of cookers. Marc, another member of the Social Cooking Club community, can then register to the Kitchen and get the list of ingredients to be ready for the event. When it is the time for the Kitchen, he receives a notification. Heidi, Marc and other registered member can then connect to the live and cook a good meal together. Marc can save Heidi recipe and add her to his friend list for further cooking meeting.

How we built it

We first developed a wireframe on Miro in order to have a first idea of the design of the app, and of its main functionalities. We started from the homepage and designed all the features, and finally developed the actual prototype using Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

Make a solid prevision of the costs and benefits the app could generate. Since similar apps are not on the market it was hard to give one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to obtain a prototype of the application after only 48 hours of work, which basically means having a design for the app as well as all functionalities starting to be implemented. Having a productive team constituted of 13 people from different backgrounds and still being able to work together.

What we learned

We learned how to work efficiently as a team, how the application development works, how free apps generate profits and how to code a live stream application. For most of us we also learn how to make frameworks for an app and how to start a design project. We also learn how to share knowledge between teams and areas.

What's next for Social Cooking Club

Next, we would like to find some investors to the project for the application development. Betty Bossi seemed potentially interested for example. Then we would like to start partnerships with restaurants in order to raise awareness about the app. We are also considering adding a premium feature allowing our users to follow a cooking class taught by a professional chef and interact with them directly. Developing the application to reach a wider audience - for example creating a simplified version of the app for elderly people - is also one of our future goals. Finally, while the app so far has been developed solely for Android, we would like to expand it to Apple’s operating system.

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