Electric bill.

What it does

Reduces energy waste and protects the environment. It monitors power consumption of all devices plugged into the outlet.

How we built it

A wireless Arduino board (SAMN) reads a current sensor. This wireless data is received by a W5500 Ethernet board that post it to a Firebase. A Website then shows you this data

Challenges we ran into

Challenge: Correctly identifying our challenge. Solution: At first we thought one of our key sensors, the current sensor, was broken. Calamity ensued as we tried to rush order a new part. Come to find out we misdiagnosed the issue! What we actually had a was a calibration issue. The sensor was fine.

Challenge: Calibrating the current sensor to correctly read and report the values. Solution: Read the datasheet and test response time

Challenge: Time management Solution: Still working on it. (Redbull and not sleeping helps.)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Not giving up. It was incredibly tempting to quit the idea since the key component failed (or so we thought-- actually just needed calibrating) but we really believed in it and stuck through. It worked out for us because of this.

What we learned

The importance of looking at a problem from various points of view. Without this we would have never understood that what our sensor actually needed is calibration.

What's next for SmartOutLIT

To help smart meters accuracy and help power companies collect data for smart grid technology.

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