Taxi drivers spend 40% of their time cruising the street for passengers. As a result unnecessary pollution and traffic are produced and final customers receive poor public transportation service. Analyzing contextual live location data such as taxis position and status, Smartaxi use artificial intelligence to predict where the highest demand is.

The application uses the location data collected through the taxis GPS signal. With our algorithms the information is analyzed and a model of the city is produced, this way the city is "understood". The app uses artificial intelligence to indicate these locations of high demand through a heat-map on the driver’s smartphone. The app will also include many other helpful features for the driver, such as a 24h forecast graph. The only direct involvement needed, is by taxi drivers who will need to download the app and operate it while working.

The benefits of the application are many and for multiple groups:

- Taxi drivers: Less vain driving kilometers looking for clients, burn less fuel and make more money.

- City: Less traffic with the better taxi distribution around the city and less resultant pollution.

- Clients: Less waiting time with no need of any action.

- Public Transport: More clients due the reduction in the use of the car

The integration with Ford's OpenXC platform would substitute the Smartphone as a information provider, what means that the information about the taxi, location and state, would be sent by OpenXC hardware. Besides other information about the taxi would be sent for more taxi statistics as car consumption, driving or stopped timing...

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