One day, we needed a taxi and couldn't find it. After half an hour looking like crazy one appeared and we went in. Our surprise came when the driver started complaining that there was no job, since while we waited we saw many more people like us, we realized that something was wrong because it couldn't be that the driver complained when there were so many people looking for a taxi. Is when we realized that taxi drivers have not so easy to find their clients.

From this discover we start developing Smartaxi, an application that using continuous analysis of location data predicts where the highest demand for taxi drivers is. The application uses the location data collected through the taxis GPS signal. With the use of artificial intelligence, the app will indicate these locations of high demand through a heat-map on the driver’s smartphone. The app will also include many other helpful features for the driver, such as a 24h forecast graph. The only direct involvement needed, is by taxi drivers who will need to download the app and operate it while working.

Our final market target is every taxi driver in the world, but we are mainly in cities with more than 200.000 habitants. There are around 2.000 cities that meet this requirement and 5 million taxis are found in these cities.

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