We wanted to create a fun way to encourage people to be physically active from the comfort of their own homes. Many people feel too embarrassed of their bodies to want to work out in public areas, yet are unmotivated by their surroundings when attempting to work out in the confides of their own homes. slimGYM is an instructive, motivating, and effective solution to help everyone to live a healthier lifestyle.

What it does

slimGYM is a VR work-out buddy that makes working out in the comfort of your own home not only convenient, but also fun! All of the physical activities you complete in slimGYM are kept track of in a database and are recorded on your account page on the associated website so you can see how you are doing. You can also set goals for yourself using the website and have a visual representation of working towards completing those goals. There are default built-in work-out routines like "cardio" to choose from in which you will do 3 sets of 10 push-ups and 3 sets of 10 jumping jacks; however, there is also the option of making your own custom work-out routine in which you choose the sets and repetitions for whatever type of activity you want to do. If at any point you get frustrated with the work-out or you accidentally said the wrong command you can pick up a dumbbell and throw it at the robot to go back to the main menu (it may not actually hurt him, but you should still feel bad about it).

How we built it

We used Trello to organize everything we had to do. We then created and animated all of our models in Blender and Maya and then imported them into Unity to write all of the code for the VR simulation. We also used Amazon-Web-Services to host our domain,, and connect the database in order to get accurate user statistics that update automatically. We used Adobe's Dreamweaver to edit the website to show a graph of all of the data from different work-outs for the user as well as visual indications of their weekly goal completion.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting the voice recognition to work with a variety of voices and word pronunciations
  • Getting the robot's faces and phrases to match up with what was happening in the simulation
  • Kyle being sick and losing his voice but still needing to say the voice commands to test ):

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • 800+ lines of original code in Unity alone
  • 500+ lines of html5 ,css3, and database queries
  • Created, animated, and textured all models using Blender and Maya
  • Almost being able to stifle laughter while listening to Adrian record his voice in the corner of the room to use as the robot's voice
  • Kyle taking too much time to add tiny details that nobody will notice (like making the boom box able to be picked up and thrown, thus causing you to hear it less; making the robot angle himself towards you even though you don't move more than 5 feet any direction; adding a meadow -with flowers and grass we painstakingly made- to be able to change up the scenery whenever you want by simply stating "meadow" or "gym" at any point)
  • Nina finally learning to stop using the knife tool in Blender
  • Annie learning literally everything during the weekend to make the website and database work

What we learned

  • GSU knows how to run a hackathon (food4dayz, all-encompassing & HUGE venue, and WiFi that works reliably?!)
  • Amazon-Web-Services takes a day to actually get the site up
  • There IS such a thing as "too much pizza"

What's next for slimGYM

With current technology we can add other basic work-out abilities such as squats, sit-ups, and planking. We also look forward to adding more work-out methods (such as yoga) as the VR technology advances and becomes more obtainable. This would also allow us to add real weight lifting. When yoga becomes a viable option of work-out (the limiting factor being hardware, currently) we can also add multiple relaxing scenes (eg. mountain top, zen garden, Tibetan temple, etc) to choose from in order to get into the proper mindset to complete the work-out.

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