SLAs Elapsed Time is an app built for Jira Service Desk using Forge.


We learned that some companies need to know the SLA elapsed time instead of remaining time. The data is available in Jira, you just need to do the math and count elapsed time by yourself. However, when the ticket went through many SLA cycles, it can be tedious.

What it does

SLAs Elapsed Time provides a glance panel in which all issue’s SLAs are listed, but instead of presenting remaining times, you will see elapsed times.

How we built it

SLAs Elapsed Time is built with Forge. It uses issueGlance glance module.

Challenges we ran into

It was fun to built the app in Forge. We missed the possibility to use styles, especially different fonts sizes and colors, but it turned out that the lack of those features does not influence the readability of the information.

We haven’t found any way to display the glance conditionally. The panel is dedicated only for Service Desk projects, therefore it would be better to display it based on project type.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We learned how to use glance module in Forge and count elapsed time from /rest/servicedeskapi/request/$issueIdOrKey/sla endpoint.

What we learned

It is the 3rd app overall we have created in Forge. It was fun and challengeable to design the panel with a limited set of components.

What's next for SLAs Elapsed Time

The ability to export the list of relevant issues with elapsed times to csv and other formats is important to our customers. Exporting a set of issues would save a lot of time and effort to collect the data by hand.

At the moment, we couldn’t find a suitable place to generate such report, but we have some ideas in mind. We could implement JQL-based searcher placed at the bottom of the panel, which would let you set the range of issues to be included in export with the elapsed time computed.

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