I wanted to create an app that allowed users the capability of finding new music without having to listen to full songs and without the hassle of looking up reviews and going through albums to try and find the right song. I was also inspired by the tinder user experience, and how a dating app has influenced other apps with this idea of swiping left and right. So with that I created a swiping feature that would enable users to swipe left and right on songs. Today, when I'm looking for new music my go to is the fader, pigeon and planes, pitchfork, etc. and skim through the reviews. This method takes time and can be a hassle remembering what you like and finding it on a streaming service. So I wanted to create a way where you can discover new music fast and have a simple way of going back to the song and listen to it again.

What it does

Through this app the user will be able to hear 15-30 seconds of a song and have the capabilities to swipe left or right on that song. Today everything is so fast paced. With snapchat covering 10 seconds of your life, vine allowing you to create 4 second videos, Instagram allowing you to post 15 second videos. Every major social media outlet is short. I wanted to create a music discovery app that could keep up with the social media that is out there. Tinder, although it for dating, it has been implemented for dogs, jobs, networking, but not music. The user experience that Tinder provides is fun and simple. So I wanted to use a swiping method for my app to allow people to listen to a preview of a song and be able to swipe left or right if they like it. I also love the design layout of instagram so I wanted to use the profile design similarly so that the user can view all of their liked tracks in a simple grid, and then go back to that track to listen to it. Also the user would be able to connect with the artist through social media, rather than connecting with their friends in the typical way. I want to add social media links directly to the artists social media so that the user can connect with the artist; being able to view their snapchat or instagram. This would connect the users with the artist in a more personal way.

How I built it

I first started with Xcode, but then realized I would not be able to finish, So I created a sketch file and designed all of the wireframes that I would have created.

Challenges I ran into

-Not knowing IOS before coming here -Never worked with any APIs before -Unfamiliar with the Objective-C language

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Designed the layout -Learned basics of IOS -Got the Auth partially correct for Spotify, just ran into a few issues with the api

What I learned

I learned the basic of IOS and also how APIs work.

What's next for Sinergy

I would love to implement these wireframes into an app, I don't know if I would actually market it but I believe there is a market for this. Expecially since there is no real one social media for music and for that connection with others through music, I would hopefully someday make it able to follow other people and allow others to like what you are listening to and possibly even a suggested music page. As far as making it able to connect with people to find love and happiness I don't think I would want to go in that direction to make it a dating app. Rather keep it to music discovery.

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