During these unprecedented times, we recognized that many people aren’t aware of the statistics and ramifications of Covid-19 because the data keeps changing. To help solve this problem, we created a website that lets you know whether you should be social distancing based on the number of cases in your county.

What it does

It will tell you if social distancing measures need to be taken based on the number of cases in your county.

How I built it

I built it by incorporating a Geolocation API to find your location. Then, I associated the COVID-19 metrics with your county and if the number of cases was greater than 1000, I determined that social distancing practices are necessary. If not, social distancing was not a huge priority. Furthermore, you can look at other counties in the United States and compare their numbers to your county, and if you click the hyperlink that is displayed in the text box(your state), you can access more metrics and data about COVID-19 such as recovered cases, open cases, and daily cases.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge that I ran into was dealing with the asynchronous calls to the Google API. Another challenge we ran into was matching the county names from the Google Javascript Maps API to the COVID-19 API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An accomplishment I'm proud of is the function getCountyData which matches the COVID-19 numbers to its respective country so that it the user will know more about the cases and deaths in their county.

What I learned

In terms of technicality, I learned about the await and async keywords that allow you to synchronize the functions in order because before the COVID-19 numbers were corresponding to the county called before the county that was supposed to be called. In other words, the COVID-19 numbers were for the wrong county. A bigger lesson I learned is that during programming, resilience is extremely important. It was very difficult to debug asynchronous code, and I wanted to give up multiple times because I was unable to fix my code but after hours of debugging, I was finally able to find the bug and solution.

What's next for Should I social distance?

To further improve my program, I want to provide the nearest testing site to your location. The program will tell the user if they need to be tested based on the number of cases and the average amount of times they need they go out.

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