I've always loved basketball more than other sports because of how fun it is as a group, but can be just as fun alone, because at the end of the day, it is about putting the ball in the basket. The problem I constantly face while practicing alone is not having an efficient way to remember how well I'm doing. This means I can't track progress, and force an habit to improve on. Well many other forms of activities, such as working out at the gym has a plethora of trackers, there isn't one for basketball. So after purchasing the apple watch, I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to make it a reality.

What It Does

ShotTrax Creates personalized workouts for basketball shooting drills. Users will be able to create workouts and fine tune the workouts to meet their requirements. The app allows users to choose between the various locations on the basketball court and set an amount of shots at that location. With the accompanying apple watch app, users will be able to live track shots missed, and shots made during the workout. Then the iphone app will calculates field goal percentages and show progress through a calendar.

How We Built It

We opened up xcode, and got right to it!

Challenges We Ran Into

  • Brand new to coding for the apple watch
  • Working with complex designs
  • Short amount of time
  • Trying to create delegates without using segues, or swift

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

Creating a fairly attractive UI (it's getting there!), and set delegates for classes to communicate

What We Learned

  • Create multiple views on a single view controller
  • Use storyboard
  • Create delegates
  • How to make irregular sized buttons
  • Set an image logo in the navigationbar
  • We learned that things that are assumed to take a short time to make, can actually take MUCH longer - especially if there's unexpected roadblocks

What's Next For ShotTrax

  • Update the interface (we want to make it look pretty)
  • Create database
  • Corresponding apple watch app
  • Put it up on the app store
  • Hit up the gym and test it out!
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