Safe a surfer, find a shark. Don’t use expensive helicopters, fuel, and people to do the job which could be done better by a computer vision.

What it does

Imaging there is a drone powered by AI provides a computer vision capabilities to detect a shark by actively following a surfer or a given area analyzing every given frame offline in order to detect a shark and notify surfers or others peaceful beach habitat.

How we built it

  • DJI Drone (+DJI SDK to control the drone sensors like camera, radio)
  • IoT Edge and Docker services deployed to the drone
  • Docker containers (3 IoT-Edge Modules) to capture an image, analyze it and raise an alert when a shark has been detected
  • An iOS/Android app to:
    • browse the most recent alerts on the map
    • send alerts to your apple watches or other smartwatches while you are in the water if a shark nearby (100-200 miles)
    • share your great memories and photos without fear to meet a shark :)

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned


What's next for Shark Scope


Built With

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