Where do we get inspiration from? In the modern world, in this endless interweaving of history and the possibilities of modern technology, in progress. The very opportunity to create a creative project mixed with blockchain technologies and enable society to use our creation is inspiring.

What it does

we make a useful design

How we built it

I have been in design for a long time and have been developing in the nft for a year, so it was easy for me to provide a job

Challenges we ran into

Every day we face problems, mostly of a technical nature, almost all of them are solved when each team member is a pro in his own direction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have a large portfolio, these are design works, I have done work for large companies, won a bmw competition, and my drawing was applied to a car, I also won a competition in the city, and my drawing was applied to a residential building in the form of graffiti, I am proud of every work

What we learned

canaria is a very interesting project and I have a great desire to take part in it and become a part of it

What's next for Ash Lee

  1. win a hackathon
  2. collection of nft on a singular
  3. partnership with rm rk to create a meta-universe

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