Our inspiration was the lack of adequate education most people receive from school as opposed to what they learn on the own or from their friends. We felt that it was extremely important to get people to understand how critical this topic is and have an easy and fun way to learn about it.

What it does

This app has two main section and each one aims to help the user get a better idea of how to safely approach sex while also keeping the user entertained throughout the experience.

How we built it

We built this app through photoshop images and used unity to link the images together to create a smooth flowing story.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating snap kit was a huge issue that we encountered right before we finished the game. We also had issues dealing with the multiple different animations as they would often get mixed up and be placed in the wrong folders.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One thing that we're especially proud of is the creation of our own original sprites for every enemy, person, and scene in the game. Nothing that we used in the creation was pre-created.

What we learned

While building the app we learned about different types of stds and stis that we did not know about before. Additionally, we learned the practicality of using the pill vs condoms and the success rates of each one. We also learned how to create tex based story dialogue and how to convert illustrator to photoshop files.

What's next for Sexcel

Our next goal would be to add in more story lines, levels, and enemies to the game. Obviously this would become a long term project as many mechanics of the game would need to be updated and new sprites would need to be created for each new character and animations for each new fight. We would also aim to make the game available on other platforms, which would extend the user base of the game.

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