• For the music lovers out there who enjoy discovering new music through following their favorite artists and listening to these artists' live performances or radio mixes

• Artists produce this unique type of content at music festivals or for various radio shows around the globe

What it does

• Converts any live set or radio mix from Setmine into a Spotify playlist and begins playing that generated playlist immediately on a connected Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless device on the same wifi network

• Allows the user to easily and seamlessly switch between tracks using the Bose SoundTouch 10 remote

How we built it / Technologies Used

• Bose SoundTouch API

• Spotify API

• SetAPI

• Node.js

• React

• Python

Challenges we ran into

• Limited/poor wifi

• Amazon Alexa Issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Ability to take setlists offline using Spotify Premium

• Completed the hack with limited network connectivity, loads of distractions and a strict time constraint

• We also built the web app to play any individual song on Spotify using a search route and typing the name of the track (& artist if preferred)

• Enables a user to skip over tracks within a performance that they may not like

What we learned

• How to use Bose SoundTouch API

• How to use Spotify API

• How to use SetAPI

• How to develop with React

What's next for Setify

• We will work more on integrating Amazon Alexa

• Integrate Twitter's API so you can tweet your followers the Spotify Playlist generated for any given set

• Integrate Twilio's API to text anyone the Spotify Playlist, or the list of tracks

• We will develop a script that checks the accuracy of tracklists every week or so, in order to provide our users with precise and reliable Spotify playlists

• We hope to demo this product to various popular artists, and in turn would like to invite them to test out our Setrecords service so that they may receive tremendous value (more income, more fans, more data)

• We are working extensively to change the landscape of the music industry. We are helping artists get paid more for the music that they produce--over services like Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud and Amazon Prime

• Ultimately, we would like to convince artists to upload more unique content for our loyal user base to enjoy

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