Under-privileged students do not always have mentors and role models they can interact with on a regular basis.


From the start, we wanted to build something social that could have an impact on a community. We thought this would be something that would help others out, and be fun to build at the same time.

Key Features

We used the MEAN stack for this project - Node.JS, Express and MongoDB for the backend, and AngularJS for the front end. MEAN is a new, exciting way of building web apps so we're glad we used it. Our app also has complete REST APIs and a working database.

Additional Features

We were planning to gameify the experience so that engaging/interacting with a mentor would be more exciting for high school students. The idea was to give different amounts of points to different levels of interaction (eg. 10 points for an email, 50 points for talking on the phone, 100 points for meeting up, etc.)

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