As in popular science fiction and games, while a special force agent is infiltrating enemy territory, a remote human navigator at state of the art facility works in concerted communication with the agent. Equipped with plethora of remote sensors, three dimensional maps and statistics, and state of the art analytic machinery, the navigator is the lifeline to direct the agent out of harm's way. And like an eagle soaring above, the navigator can pinpoint targets to complement the agent's local visual and auditory readings to strike in stealth and precision.

Using the 3d virtual earth technologies we have developed at SenseEarth, we will equip navigators with Gear VR, so he is immersed in a compact virtual reality representation of the real locale of the agent. As a virtual presence the navigator will not just see a compact representation of the agent's surroundings but freely able to switch to other vantage points or scout ahead. As we realize more science fiction scenarios, we hope to vastly increase the survival rate and success rate of civilian to military search & rescue and special operations.

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