Investing isn't effectively marketed for those from the digital age and we were highly motivated to innovatively introduce investing to them!

What it does

'seedz' refines the process of creating an account to make it more interactive and personal to new investors (millennials and generation Z investors).

How we built it

After intensive planning through the night of the first day of the hackathon, and finalizing planning on the morning of the second day, we decided everyone's tasks and began work. Erfan Kashani, an experienced developer on our team, went straight into creating multiple automation software components, landing pages etc. for the case through Figma, Javascript, and Front End Web Development languages. Christina Chen leveraged her UI/UX skills and graphic designing knowledge (Adobe afterEffects, Adobe Illustrator, Body Movin plugin) to lead our team's creative and business aspects. Marzooq Asghar and Saamer Mansoor worked diligently together to create multiple automation software components as well, through Front End Web Development languages including JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Programs had bugs, New technologies, Vast variety of ideas that were mathematically narrowed down to the best.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with a diverse team and making it work!

What we learned

We have learned about many new software and technologies over the past two days, something which is priceless! Along with that, we also grew our investment knowledge.

What's next for seedz

Social Investment Advising Portfolio (Similar to hackerOne's hackTivity but more like Instagram for Investors), better recommendation software with immense market research to produce the best of the best recommendation software. Growing the recommendation software aspect of the Fidelity for Millennials to engage an even broader group of Millennials.

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