Make your word processor do more for you.

Seamless is a powerful formula manager, editor, and equation solver for google drive. It enables spreadsheet-like dynamic functions and in-line references in text, tables, and equations, streamlining the scientific writing process.

We were inspired to develop Seamless by our struggles in high school AP science courses. Nearly every week, students are challenged with lab reports involving long, data-driven calculations. The dreaded “snowball effect,” where early-on mistakes compromise the entire assignment is both ubiquitous and infamous. With Seamless, a simple correction of the initial mistake will remedy this quandary, saving countless hours of work.

Our product employs the Wolfram|Alpha API, so it can evaluate natural language and complex formulae with ease. With such powerful computational ability, Seamless has the potential for far more than just inline formulae and references. Dynamic and automatically-updating graphs can be implemented in the future. Native Google Drive integration makes scientific collaboration… Seamless.

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