The United States produces approximately 20 - 50 million tons of electronic waste every year. Millions of tons of precious materials painstakingly mined for the sole purpose of electronic manufacturing are being thrown into landfills because consumers lack the knowledge and tools to recycle their old electronics and reduce their carbon footprint. Consumerism is a large contributor of waste pollution. Although beneficial for the economy, it fails to benefit the environment. Hackers like us and many other consumers always have old computers, phones, and laptops which we have no immediate need for. However, there are people in need who can use our old tech to become more efficient themselves. That's why we built "Scraps." "Scraps" is an app that allows users to locate nearby e-waste collectors, ship and recycle their old tech, and receive points and awards in return for helping reduce their waste production--all without having to leave the comfort of your home. Users can significantly decrease their carbon footprint without even leaving their home simply by packaging and shipping their old electronics free of cost! In order to maximize our audience, we built a hybrid, cross-platform app (compatible with ios, android, and windows) using Ionic. Ionic is an angular.js framework built on Apache Cordova which uses web technologies to build hybrid apps. Challenges were pervasive during the coding process, including building a neural network, accessing native features such as geolocation and cameras, as well as responsive UI design. We're ecstatic to show you what Scraps can do utilizing the newest technology such as AI, computer vision, and more, to reduce the United States' e-waste production and help consumers be more aware of the environmental impact of their electronic purchases.

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