We were inspired by the real problem of fraudulent CV entries and BlockChain could solve this problem

What it does

  • Aplication that shows the level of cyber security and cyber maturity at schools.
  • Intended to help keep track of KPI and to bring attention to neglected or unsecured web pages.

How we built it

Scraped the websites of ARES and Czech School Inspection for data, then implemented onto a GeoJSON and extended into the visualization ReactJS FrontEnd.

Challenges we ran into

Data was not available in any easily extractable way, we had to painstakingly scrape it and clean it locally;

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we created a completely new dataset about a topic that is not often explored.

What we learned

  • About 50% of Czech High School websites use https compared to about 72% of internet traffic
  • This kind of data is not open and is thus scraped and monetized with companies (we found 5+) – it would be great to open it!
  • About 4% of data was unusable and there were inconsistencies�(Relatively clean data)

What's next for CyberSec

The output dataset is freely available for further use on GitHub, we will use the analysis to advise schools to further improve their cybersecurity measures.

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