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Good day, We are team Diamind, we worked on a citizen safety application. Over the years, we have lost brilliant minds and loved ones to death. Some of these deaths occur due to the inability to reach out for help on time in an emergency. Friends and loved ones capable of rendering help and saving life are unaware of the situation of things on time rendering them unable to help save life. Accidents occur every day, fire incidents, medical incidents and a host of other accidents. They are unable to reach out to family and friends in real time. People get harassed every day, they are unable alert friends or family and they have no evidence to prosecute offenders.
We, team Diamind, have developed an application that will increase citizen safety and drastically reduce rate of death caused by emergency unattended to on time. Savelife is an application that offers citizen the ability to send predefined contacts a distress message. The emergency distress message is the most prominent feature of the Safelife application. It is enabled by clicking a single button on the home screen of the mobile app. It can also be enabled by clicking the power button a selected number of times(3) and if it is clicked, a command prompt appears on the screen where the user can disable it was enabled by mistake. It will have a timer where it automatically sends a distress message if the user does not disable it after some time(15 seconds). We also intend to implement it in a wearable device that will house the five distress buttons, with the emergency button in the middle. The buttons include: • Ditress button(General) • Medical emergency • Fire emergency • Tracker


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