I started my internship 6 months ago, and for the first time in my life i had to go through the process of entering private cars as public buses do not normally ply that route. For the past 6 months i have had and heard a lot of scary stories that for some days i used to tell my roommate to call me at least once until i get to work. Another thing that inspired one of the feature in the app is that if you enter a public bus it isn't unusual to meet someone advertising drugs that according to my sister who is a doctor does more harm than good.This Idea has been in my mind for a while now but i didn't do anything because i thought i didn't have the tools to build the application (I have never really been interested in mobile development ).

What it does

SaveLife has five different section. each section solving a different safety problem the sections include:

  1. Distress buttons: On the app there are four distress buttons a. Panic button: Used when you are in an extremely dangerous situation they require immediate response, these feature can be activated either by voice, click of a button on your mobile device or click of a button on a wearable device (rink or watch connected to your phone and can also function independently) b. Crime button: Used in either of these scenarios --- intruder alert: when tapped a message is sent to the nearest police station with your location and a siren which would be installed would be activated to alert neighbors --- Harassment: Immediately starts a voice recording to serve as evidence, it also sends your location the nearest police station. This feature could be used by people who get harassed by Sars. c. Medical button: alerts hospitals and ambulance around area of accidents and doesn't stop sending request until the a hospital alerts that the victim has been taking care of. The app then reports to predefined contacts on the whereabouts of the victim

d. Fire button: works the same way as the medical button but for fire situations. Also find way to get water across to the venue in case the fire fighters run out of water.

  1. Blog/Articles: These would contain tips(video and notes) on how to take care of emergency situation.My hope for this app is that very soon if something for example a snake bites someone, instead of mindless tying the victims leg which can cause amputation of the leg later, people would first come to these blog to check on how to deal with snake bites instead.

  2. Emergency numbers: The part would contain all necessary emergency numbers so people can know who and how to connect to the right authorities.

  3. Forum: medium where people ask question. a case scenario for this is for instance if i enter a bus and i meet a very convincing drug sales person and buy a drug, before taking the drug i would take a picture and post a question like "is this drug actually used for these purpose i have so and so hope i wont have reactions to the drug" or maybe you are not feeling and a friend tells you to mix two weird things together to drink. Only verified authorities(medical practitioners, safety officers etc) would be allowed to answer questions here.

5.Medical Report: i feel like if there is an easy way to get the medical history of a patient it would be easier for doctors to make better decisions. This feature would make information of every body readily available so that in case you fall sick and can't get to your family hospital, the new doctor who have enough information about you which will assist in making fast and accurate decisions.

How I built it

We intend to use flutter to build the mobile app, then python and bootstrap for the web app. we also want to implement the solution on a wearable device

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge was problem with lack of skills. me and my partner are both beginners and don't know much about flutter or prototyping. There is also a lack of adequate communication as we are in different locations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The ideas that have been in my mind for a while now is finally coming to life and that makes me very able and more confident in my abilities.Its also been a pleasure learning how to build a mobile app and i am also learnt about firebase which i have been hearing about for so long. I am also glad and optimistic that something i helped built might save someone's life one day.

What I learned

I am glad that i now know flutter even if most of what i have been doing is debugging. Its been fun learning a new framework and learning how to build a mobile app. I have also learnt a lot about project and team management and also not to give up even when things are looking impossible to achieve.

What's next for SaveLife

For now we want all the features i mentioned above working and then we want to utilize the medical information which would be stored in cloud to perform health and safety analysis which would help in making better safety decisions. machine learning and big data analysis as a lot of benefits and i believe if we have this kind of information it can be used to make Nigeria a safer place.

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posted an update

Good day, We are team Diamind, we worked on a citizen safety application. Over the years, we have lost brilliant minds and loved ones to death. Some of these deaths occur due to the inability to reach out for help on time in an emergency. Friends and loved ones capable of rendering help and saving life are unaware of the situation of things on time rendering them unable to help save life. Accidents occur every day, fire incidents, medical incidents and a host of other accidents. They are unable to reach out to family and friends in real time. People get harassed every day, they are unable alert friends or family and they have no evidence to prosecute offenders.
We, team Diamind, have developed an application that will increase citizen safety and drastically reduce rate of death caused by emergency unattended to on time. Savelife is an application that offers citizen the ability to send predefined contacts a distress message. The emergency distress message is the most prominent feature of the Safelife application. It is enabled by clicking a single button on the home screen of the mobile app. It can also be enabled by clicking the power button a selected number of times(3) and if it is clicked, a command prompt appears on the screen where the user can disable it was enabled by mistake. It will have a timer where it automatically sends a distress message if the user does not disable it after some time(15 seconds). We also intend to implement it in a wearable device that will house the five distress buttons, with the emergency button in the middle. The buttons include: • Ditress button(General) • Medical emergency • Fire emergency • Tracker


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