Executive Summary

The app helps a grocery store owner make calculated business decision through the use of AI and optimization software. Also, the app helps customer to navigate around the store faster and food banks to collect food before they expire.

Sales Line Pitch

Save Food, Save Local Businesses


The app will allow to login as three user: As a shopkeeper: You can login as a new shopkeeper who wants to open a store. The shopkeeper goes into an empty store where he/she wants to open a shop and scan the store with his/her phone camera. Once scanned the app will use optimization algorithm to place the shelves into the store in such a way as to utilize space. Next the app will use AI to suggest high selling items to be put in store. Once you have a store in place. You can keep track of stock and expiry date of grocery items. How this would work is, before the shopkeeper stocks the items, he/she will update the quantity and expiry date on the app of the stocked item. The app and cashier registered would be interconnected. If customers scan the items, the app will take note of that in the database. And if items are low on stock or about to expire, it will let the shopkeeper know. As a customer: You can login in as a customer and it will have the option to list the items you want to buy. Once, you go the store, the app will find a optimized path to gather all the items you listed. As a food bank: A shop can participate with a nearby food bank to donate food items. The shop can set a reminder before 10 days a food expires. Once the food reaches its limit, the foodbank will be notified for pickup. Current Scenario Most shops are not efficient in stocking items, when new stocks arrive older stock gets pushed back, and they tend to expire. With the app the owner can track the expiry date, and if some items are close to expiry date they can choose to donate before it expires for social good. Most people are hesitant to open a store if they are not experienced with grocery business. With older shopkeeper closing their store, big franchises are taking over grocery business and making delivery option more common. This app enables small grocery owners to increase their possibility of success though the use of AI. As a customer you want to have a feel of what you buy. But with busy schedules and time it takes to search for items in a store people rather order online. With the app, it makes the process of finding items faster. This will encourage people to go buy grocery themselves. This will help save local small businesses.


Next we want to make the process of opening a store seamless, the app will suggest local vendor for installation of shelves, grocery items etc. This way app can make extra money. Since, the app have will have the database of items sold by the shop. This database can be sold to companies for extra source of income.

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