We saw a news article of a skier in Vermont who hit his head on a tree skiing in the glades and was not found in time to save him. He was reported missing hours before, but could not be found for quite a while since they did not know exactly where he was. They eventually found him, but the combination of hypothermia and a concussion was too much. We are big skiers and wanted to fix this problem for other people.

What it does

Our design is to combine a satellite communication module with an accelerometer connected by an Arduino that can alert SOS services to help save the user. A GPS module is included so the support services will know where the user is, since the SatComm module doesn't include location. The SatComm module would be connected to the Iridium Satellite Network and allow world wide communication. We would have a web server running receiving all requests and forward them to the appropriate rescue agency. A bluetooth module would be included to save data cost if your smartphone was nearby and had data available. The module could be connected to whatever is convenient.

What's next for Save Me Anywhere

We hope to get funding from MakeMIT to build the project and test it out on a ski mountain.

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