3D Panoramic Restaurant Application System

Never before has a reservation system been so sophisticated, yet intuitive; Save a Seat is the most magnificent restaurant application of our time. Navigate through a first-person view and select a table of your choice at our participating locations. Discover the luxury of customizing your experience with one simple click. Once you arrive to the restaurant, a tablet displaying the menu will allow you to dispense your preferred soda at the click of a button and also alert the waiter/waitress on their Pebble Watch for your dining needs.

Awesome features

Save a Seat is packed with tons of classy and convenient features that refine your dining experience! Here are some of the best features that Save a Seat has to offer.

Choose your table and time

With immersive 3D panoramic table selection, deciding where to sit couldn't be more elegant.

View the entire menu

Get a glimpse of our entire menu. With Express Dine in, select your appetizers, and we will have them ready when your party is seated.

Make special requests

In addition to Express Dine in for appetizers, Wine as You Arrive allows you to pick which complementary wine we will pour when you come visit.

Simple Drinks

The reservation process is over and you are seated at your preferred table, the specialty of Simple Drink's hardware allows customers to fill up their cup with a their drink of choice selected from a tablet installed on the table.





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