Looking to what the bitcoin lightning ecosystem has now.

What it does

Using a base project but shows crypto oponents instead. Items bought without giving credit card data to payment providers. Uses an IAP (In App Purchase) during the game and a Paywall (Lightning QR code) before proceeding to the game.

How we built it

Takes nearly 24-30 hours to sync a bitcoin node + lnd to set the btcpay server thru lunanode.

Challenges we ran into

Outdated lightning unity sdk and long sync times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

actually syncing a node. cray cray!

What we learned

Building a proper game, with splash screen, start menu and in app purchase. Looks like peguinshooter github did not have a lightning node online so had to set one of my own to sync the game which took a lot of time to sync before configuring the files of lnd and macroons to get it together.

What's next for Satoshi's Beat

For now the video link shows a sneak peak to Satoshi Beat before we upload it to the Satoshi Game platform for Berlin debut which is around Oct 19!!!

Shows a Free to Play mode as well to let non-blockchain gamers have a feeler for the game.

Built With

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