SAP gave a challenge and we excepted:

"to create a solution that enables SAP employees to capture their environmental impact while commuting, at work, or on business trips."

– but we wanted to do it in a fun and non judgemental way, as we believe adults at the workplace don't want a "green bad conscience" telling them off, when they don't "behave" but acknowledgement and positive feedback, when they act in a sustainable way.

our goal: to guide green employee behavior.

  1. we respect your privacy we only share completely anonymized data with the company and nothing is traceable back to the individual.

  2. we value your time / attention we talke the data directly from the company phone or Mensa card, so you don't have to bother with putting in your stats manually.

  3. positive acknowledgments we will never tell you how to live your life.

What it does

it takes location data from your company smartphone and interprets it to track how you commute to work and how much Co2 that brings into the atmosphere. It also tracks what you eat at work Mensa and adds that to you personal Co2 footprint. The system then shares a anonymous version of it.

But why would you care? chances are, you already do: if you are like most people you already want to act a little bit more sustainably just either don't have the information conveniently enough to see how much of a difference your actions actually make. Or, if you do something cool and green, you don't get enough acknowledgement from your co-workers –so you stop. We are here to keep you motivated and on the green path: If you bike to work in the rain, we will buy you a hot cocoa and appreciate your grit.

how we keep motivation:

  1. beautiful data visualization for the user
  2. daily fun facts like "your choosing veggi over meat at Mensa last month conserved more Co2 than you offset during your commute -Thanks!"
  3. Surprise trophies and prizes "Wow you rode the bike to work in during that rain? You're a beast! warm yourself up with a hot drink on the house!" -we don't advertise this feature as we believe that analog gossip will travel faster in an office than any internal awareness campaign ever will.

How we built it

We spend most of the time concepting, researching and iterating on how to communicate and show the data to the user in the best way. Then we built a beautiful Desktop application in Framer.

Challenges we ran into

Time management as our productivity hit a slight bump at 03:49 am.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

That we stuck to our holistic Vison and made a CO2 Footprint Dashboard that does not make you feel guilty but motivates you to make greener choices.

What we learned

start with framer a tad sooner.

What's next for SAP#1_Kloeck_Stetter_Wanschura_Wellnitz

Lets see, what the judges say first- then: who knows?

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