I've been interested is network analysis and I wanted to dive into a project that used a lot of data to accomplish an interesting goal.

What it does

Allows user to figure out how far they can get with their money in Sao Paulo.

How I built it

The application uses WebGl, Leaflet.js, D3.js. It for data about Sao Paulo it uses real-time traffic data from IBEG, bus data from, local gas prices from, and vehicle data from Edmunds API, and Open Street Maps to calculate the Financial assessability of São Paulo's transportation network.

Challenges I ran into

Getting all the data together was difficult and making sure the visualisation was realistic proved challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's a really useful app that I would want to use.

What I learned

Open data is difficult to gain access to and I had to pull from a lot of sources for the final product

What's next for Sao Paulo Cost Machine

I would love to make a similar app for more areas and include transportation networks for biking.

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