The beginning

IED : Improvised Explosive Device Every day, 70 persons die because of improvised or conventional explosives. The regions most affected are Egypt, Afghanistan or Cambodia. Reports of incidents, landmine clearance operations and potentially dangerous areas does exist but an interactive map updated by users movement doesn't.

More and more people create and use GIS data, we decided to merge different data sources and process them through our model.

Our App could be carried in the phones of members of afflicted communities and be used as a tool to report and be updated about dangers. The map is also have updated by any other users paths.


We collected data about landmines in Afghanistan, about incident and military actions. Then we collected information about the demographics of the country (i.e.the migratory flux and population distribution). We found an interesting link between two variables and we then built our map with ArcGis web application. We finally integrated this map in an android application to allow people to benefit from this data.

Challenges we ran into :

The ArcGIS API was a big challenge for us, the maps they produce are really nice but the interface is hard to use and understand. For the same reasons, the integration with Android was also difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Building our own ArcGIS map with all the informations we collected and have our model run on it.

What we learned:

We learned a lot about finding datasets and how to use Arcgis.

What's next for SafePath:

Integrate other regions like Pakistan, Cambodia and Colombia.

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