In our days, vehicle theft is widespread as they are one of the most expensive assets that we leave on the streets.

Even if your car is insured, why should any person risk their belongings if it is avoidable?

That is why we are introducing the SafeParker. A web application to locate the safest location for your car to park.

What it does

Our application utilizes location to provide the user with information about safety in the area. An address input is also supported.

An interactive map shows pinpoints of the recent crimes, as well as tells if the site is dangerous, safe, or neither.

Based on this information, the user will be able to conclude, whether or not he or she wants to leave the car in the specified location.

How we built it

The front-end uses VueJS and the NuxtJS framework. The back-end is programmed with Java.

The Java App runs the main application for static coordinates communicating with the UK police public API, for which it generates a JSON file.

A Bash Script moves that file to a location, accessible for the front-end.

The Vue App looks for the JSON file and reads the contents of it to display the information on the map.

Challenges we ran into

  • Front and Back end integration
  • Learning new frameworks
  • Some APIs are no longer functioning (time wasted)
  • Creation of an algorithm to judge safety score

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app:

  • has its own scoring system
  • is able to locate the user location and provides Geo Searching
  • uses trustful source with regularly updated information of criminal activity

What we learned

  • API research and implementation
  • Front and Back end communication
  • Interactive open source map integration

What's next for SafeParker

To make the app self-sufficient, it could start partnering with paid parking spaces that could be shown on the map as "authorized" or "recommended" locations.

The partnership could be expanded by offering reduced price for the parking spaces. That would let partners to track the effectiveness of our collaboration, as well as increase usage of our app and the "authorized" parking spaces. In addition, it can partner with other local authorities to retrieve the most up-to-date crime data.

In terms of features, our next feature would be to build a serverless architecture for the backend or other type of backend to receive and respond to client location requests. This would allow the geo-searching to dynamically communicate with the backend to retrieve information for a particular location.

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