Since most of the people are victims of various kind of abuse and harassment in their life but still could not take a stand for themselves and in many emergency cases people couldn't find quick contact to their friends, families and nearby police stations, so this inspired us to create this web application, for the safety of every individual.

What it does --

If you are new to the site, first step is to create an account on the webpage. For a logged user, in case of emergency, he has to click the "HELP" button .Next, a voice search pops up to describe his/her problem in brief. Then our GPS tracker tracks the location and forwards an immediate notification to the nearby police as well as to their friends and family members. The police then reaches the desired location and rescue the user.

How we built it--

We used techstacks like GPS,APIs to track the location of the user. Translator is used to convert the voice message into text, and send the notification through call to the registered numbers and the police helpline center.

Challenges we ran into --

Main important challenge faced is efficiency and performance speed i.e, how fast our website responses and sends the notification . Browser compatibility was also a challenge for us. As there is a language diversity, it was quite difficult for us to convert it into text.

Accomplishments that we're proud of--

We're proud that our webpage is open to all and we are able to help people during emergency and provide fast and efficient service so that we could prevent any mishappening .

What we learned--

We learned how to add GPS location tracker in web development and fetching APIs efficiently

What's next for SAFECLICK--

We're working for the app version of SAFECLICK and making it much more feasible to people .

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