Built to combat the issues of sexual assault and rape in the United States and make it safer to travel alone on foot during all times of the day.

What it does

To promote safe travel walking on the streets with Safe & Sound. Our app notifies the user of crime activity around them when they walk the streets alone, day or night. If the user ever feels like their life is in danger, our app will be there to assist them. We have integrated an alarm button that will send the authorities to go check on the user when prompted. We have also developed a safe spot feature that would partner with trusted businesses to allow users to safely leave threatening environments. Reports will be posted live as they show up on the user's map and even allow users to make reports themselves if they see any dangerous activity. Safe & Sound is here to be a friendly guide in unfamiliar cities and our goal is to always guarantee the user the safest way to get around.

How we built it

We started with four hours of planning and brainstorming followed with a set list of requirements we all agreed upon. After the requirements were set, we discussed how we were going to implement Safe & Sound and what technologies we were going to use. We wanted to build a platform maintained by the community, and for the community. Our designer created a brand identity for the app to help create a cohesive visual and interactive experience for the intended user. She also created all the visual components you see in the demo using Adobe Illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

Learning APIs we've never used.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to develop a branding system early-on into the project to have plenty of time to develop related assets.

What we learned

The components that go into iOS development.

What's next for Safe & Sound

Trust system built by long history of reporting so trustworthy users may accompany each other. Partnership with Lyft and Uber drivers on the road to quickly assist users who feel threatened.

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