I came to RamHacks really wanting to work with the Wolfram suite of technologies; I've been curious for a while. After playing around with the tutorial for an hour or so, the map features seemed interesting, so I "ran" with it.

What it does

The program takes as input an address and a distance, and plots a round-trip route for a person to jog of approximately that distance.

How I built it

I pulled street data from, and then used Mathematica's xml-parsing to import that data. After some extra processing, I had a set of all the GPS coordinates of the intersections in Richmond, VA. From there, I let Mathematica pick several points at random within a radius, use its mapping features to assign weights/distances between those points, and create a graph. And then some good old graphing algorithms to solve for a cycle of the preferred length. Finally, use Mathematica's mapping function to visualize the route.

Challenges I ran into

I learned a whole new language! And there's plenty else I could have done... error checking, extending the search area beyond Richmond, getting the app put up on the cloud...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

BUT, like I said, I learned a new language. I was really happy to see how few lines of code it was in the end.

Thank you to Nick - our MLH rep - for his help with Wolfram Language. Really, really made the difference.

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