Run For Your Money (R4YM) is a fitness motivator unlike any other. Rather than focus on metrics or cheesy gamification, R4YM integrates considerate design with immediate tangible benefits and social validation of personal prowess.

Everyone has those annoyingly healthy friends who talk of nothing besides their gluten-free diets and their daily half-marathon runs. Well, tell them to put their money where their mouth is - with R4YM, you can immediately challenge those pompous jerks (or loving friends) to awesome feats of impromptu fitness in 8-bit glory!

Best of all, R4YM works seamlessly with Pebble, making de-pocketing your life-sustaining smartphone unnecessary and obsolete while humiliating your friends. Join and create challenges (bets), monitor your bullet-like speed, and watch as haters fall further and further behind in the wake of your glory. School trash talkers without ever having to look back at who's in your dust! Using Venmo's peer-to-peer payment system, you can guarantee that the losers will pay! Now you can place bets within the app and face off in hardcore sprints to the corner Starbucks, where your victories will guarantee your supply of venti, whole milk, double frappuchinos with extra caramel.

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