Ruins Escapade

This is a very basic dungeon crawler game I made for my Intro to Computing project. This game is inspired by Legend of Zelda.

What does it do?

You control the hero who is trying to escape a ruined castle. But he has to find all the keys to go to the next level. Currently, there is only one level. Hopefully, I get the chance to add more levels, puzzles and monsters along the way to make the game more interesting.

How does it work?

This game is written in C++ and uses SDL 2 It has a GameLevel class that creates and renders a window. Then the map is read from a file and sprites are rendered onto their respective position. I created a camera to ensure that I can have really large levels while still focusing on the hero. Once all the keys are collected, you will be able to exit the level through the door. My favorite thing about this project, you can create new levels just my editing a map file without modifying a great amount of code.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into a lot of memory problems and I had to allocate and de-allocate memory correctly in order to prevent segmentation faults. Apart from that, the greatest problem I faced was animating the hero sprite for motion. The animation is still not perfect

What have I accomplished?

I created an entire game from scratch!! Enough said! Actually, I learnt a great deal about C++ than I ever will working on a different project. I learnt the necessity of memory de-allocation which is very very important when working with dynamic memory. And I also learnt to use external libraries in C++

What's next?

Creating more levels, puzzles, and monsters Add multi-threading Replace all borrowed sprites with original sprites

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