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PT-Lamp Dry Bath

The PT-LAMP process reuires two separate dry baths, keeping the samples on a defined, constant temperature. Required temperature accuracy is +/- 1deg.

  1. Sample extrction und deactivation Temperature: 56deg Tubesize: 2ml

  2. LAMP-Prozess Temperature: 62deg Tubesize: 0,2ml

A multi purpose dry bath is layed out, with adjustable temperature. An exchangeable drilled aluminium block accepts the sample tubes. Thi, the device is easily adjustable to different tube sizes. The samples are put in the holes of a plastic plate carrier, having holes matching exactly the aluminium heating block.
Carrier and sample tubes form a unit that is placed on the dry bath and removed after processing time is over. The upper left corner of the carrier is marked, thus the samples are identifiable by their raster position. The dry bath i powered by a ready-made power supply, providing galvanic isolation of the device from the mains. This eases DIY manufaturing reducing the danger of electric shock.

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