At many schools, students have a limited number of study rooms available. And for that reason, many of the rooms are often taken. Students then begin to search for classrooms or lecture halls for availability. Because students dislike spending more time looking for an available room to study in rather than studying, Roomie was the perfect idea.

What it does:

Roomie is a desktop application that tracks room availability for student usage when a room is not being used. See comments below to download the code!

How we built it:

We used Qt Creator to design the application front end and used PyQt5 to hook up the back-end of the program.

Challenges we ran into:

We ran into many bugs when trying to print out all of the available rooms on the front-end of the application. The table widget was constantly being displayed in the wrong format.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We finished our application within a timely manner and had enough time to come up with a great marketing strategy as well as making the software aesthetically pleasing.

What we learned:

We learned new troubleshooting techniques including; removing bugs, time managing strategies, and working in a group more efficiently.

What's next for Roomie??

Integrating it at college campuses all across the world with online user interface. Other improvements include making it more inclusive by displaying which buildings are handicap accessible and which rooms have computers.

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