We specifically wanted to use the Ubisoft API, as we are a team consisting mostly of passionate game designers. However, we still wanted to create a meaningful project with an important message.

We used the custom game engine to create an awareness experience that invites the player into a simulation of distracted driving. We envision this experience as educational in nature, and targeting a young audience.

The game itself is played with both hands: driving with the left hand on the keyboard, and a series of mini games on the right, played with the mouse. The right hand represents the endless distractions that a smartphone presents when operating a motor vehicle. The players attention is split between both sets of games, and must attempt to find a way to successfully navigate both tasks.

The game itself was programmed in C++, which we were not familiar with and had to learn on the spot. Since we were not familiar with C++ we ran into numerous technical challenges. We actually created several different demos, and our original idea was to simulate a 3D environment in 2D. We realized that we would not be able to complete this in the allotted time, so decided to settle for an isometric perspective. We went through many iterations and experiments to arrive at the final product.

We are proud of the progress we made in learning C++, and with our conceptualization and iterative process. We learned to be afraid of tackling new challenges, and find a way to persevere and overcome technical obstacles.

We still have a number of features to implement, but we believe we have a solid proof of concept, and would like to recreate the game in a 3D environment.

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