Research shows that in just US alone, there are over 5000 deaths caused by motorbike accidents each year. This number alone was enough to inspire us in order to work towards this solution. As amazing an experience motorbikes provide, no one can deny that they are indeed not safe enough, so we have built a solution to make them safer, and more reliable.

How it works

RideAway helps bikers share routes with friends, or discover other bikers in their location. This feature lets riders share their passion with others, while never having to ride alone. The other very important aspect of RideAway is to keep the riders safe, by checking how alert they are while driving. This is done through a novel way of tracking the driver's eye movement and body motion. Riders can even even set up automated calls to emergency contacts in case they are in danger.

Challenges we ran into

We had some issues at dealing with maps in iOS along with some problems with getting hardware for our project. We had to check out three different hardware stores in Santa Clara, CA just to get the hardware that we needed. Integrating the hardware was another story.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Facial Recognition
  • Motion Sensor Detection
  • Sharing Location Halfway Meetup Point (ETA)
  • Making some awesome new friends

What's next for RideAway

We plan on fine-tuning the app to make it more stable and reliable for the drivers who intend to use it. We would like to tap into existing technologies to make the system more robust. We also hope to connect with people who are interested in motorcycling and would be more than delighted to hear their stories.

The Team

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