Ride With Me inspires motorcyclists to get out and ride more by discovering and sharing beautiful rides around them. Ride With Me is a network that connects motorcyclists in an area. It provides them with powerful tools that leverage familiar Google Maps technology to help them define their own rides and share them to the public.

But Ride With Me takes experiencing rides to a whole new level. Once a rider has created their route and submitted to our page, other rides can see a frame by frame preview of the ride. This immersive experience provides the ultimate source of motivation for riders to get out and ride.


We were inspired by the BMW demo at Hack The Planet which uses Gear VR and pre-rendered first-person footage of the riding experience. We thought it would be great if we could empower anyone to create and share these experiences with others.

How it works

Ride With Me uses Node, Express and Twilio to create a social network that connects riders and keeps friends constantly updated on new ride postings and when a friend is leaving to go on a ride.

The tools to generate rides build off of the Google Maps API, but add significantly more control tailored to creating custom itineraries.

Lastly, the previews are stitched together, frame by frame, by taking Google Street View images along the route. Ride With Me intelligently follows the route from the perspective of the rider and provides a comprehensive preview of the route.

What's next for Ride With Me

There's so much more that can be added to Ride With Me's core experience. Rider connectivity can be improved with more sharing options, and a feed with newly posted rides.

Routes can be added automatically through a mobile feature which tracks a rider as he goes on a route.

Lastly, gamification can be added as Ride With Me can track what routes a rider goes on and the features of the rider. Riders can compete based on length, speed, complexity, and efficiency.

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