In today's society, recycling is the fight against many enviromental challenges that our generation must take a stand against. After you're done with your soda can, it has a whole process to go through before your soda can takes a new shape. To begin with, the recycling has to be organized through the use of magnetics and other processes, but what about certain materials that can not be so easily done? With our creation, we were inspired to take a different look and approach at recycling.

What it does

A camera takes a picture of the recyclable, identifies it by recyclable material, places it in the proper recyclable and stores it in a database for future reference.

How we built it

On the Software front, an Android app using OpenCV sends images from the camera to a python server for image recognition, to assist with image recognition we are using the Clarifai API alongside the IBM Watson API to assure that RiCyClr successfully identifies and remembers the recyclables. Following that process, the RiCyClr will identify the material in front of it and will locate the proper recycling bin. If RiCyClr cannot identify the recyclable, the user can easily train the AI to identify the recyclable.

Challenges we ran into

The software, essentially is consisted of many different parts which can cause problems when planning and debugging become an issue in a short time-span.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Hardware and software sometimes are not willing to put differences aside and work together.

What's next for Ricyclr

RiCyClr is essentially going to be brought to a bigger audience beyond the hackathon community and we will work on bringing RiCyClr to homes across the country. Watch for more updates at

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