Rialto bridge is one of the famous bridges around the world. It locates in Venice, Italy. We were inspired by building a website to connect small businesses for byproducts and other goods. Therefore, we want to use a bridge icon to show the concept of "Connections".

What it does

Because of COVID-19, many factories are out of business, however, they still have byproducts that are almost used nowhere. Rialto brings connections to Companies to make something out of their extra productivity. By signing up to Rialto, we help companies to get back on track with their businesses.

How I built it

nodejs, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL

Challenges I ran into

The google cloud connection really delay our process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made the project in just in time. We learned some new technologies and how to collaboratively work together.

What I learned

How to work as a team and how to connect with people and always some coding techniques

What's next for RIALTO

We want to get some small businesses to join the site. Therefore, building more interesting functions to attract small businesses is the next key step for Rialto.

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