We wanted to create an app that everybody would like to play, and what is more enjoyable than Monopoly? So we took Monopoly as our inspiration. Also, we decided to use some of the most popular games of N64 as our properties because everybody loves old school video games!


-Objective: To be the most wealthy player in the game by buying, selling and renting their properties. -Participants: 2 to 6 players. -Money: Each player will receive a total amount of £1500 -The bet: To be able to play the game, every player is going to be asked to set a bet of minimum £5 using a Pay Pal account. The player that wins the game, will receive the total amount of money in their Pay Pal account. If a player leaves earlier the game, he/she will not lose any of their money. -The game: The player that creates the game (the host) is going to be always the one that starts the play. The next player to play is going to be the first one that joins the game, the third player is going to be the second one that joins the game and so on. Everybody will start the game on the corner marked “GO”, then you will have to tap the button “Roll die” to know which is going to be your next position. You are allowed to buy “properties” or “sponsors” from your first go. -Go: Each time a player lands on or passes over “GO”, the bank will play him/her £20. Baying a property: Whenever you land on an unowned property or sponsor, you will have the option to buy it from the Bank in the price showed on the screen. -Paying rent: Whenever you land on a property/sponsor owned by another player, the owner will collect rent from you in accordance with the price printed on the property’s card. -Jail: You land on “Jail” whenever you landed on the space marked “Go to Jail”. When you are sent to Jail, you are not able to collect your £20 salary that you usually receive from “Go”. You get out of Jail either by (1) staying there for 3 complete turns and being free in your 4th turn or by (2) paying £50 to the bank. If you land in Jail in the ordinary course of the game, you are “just visiting” so you incur no penalty and you are free to leave in your next turn. -Free parking & arrows in the board: When a player lands on this places, he/she doesn’t receive any reward of any kind. Is just a free resting place. -Bankruptcy: A player is declared bankrupt if he/she owes more than he/she can pay.

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