Today, we often consider our smartphones as not only replacements, but the better option for a GPS system. From the plethora of apps, including Yelp and Google Maps, only to name two of the best, we have the ability to find anything, at anytime and anywhere we are from just a couple taps of our fingers. However, despite their large data sources, these apps don't provide the user with some of the most key tools when navigating.

Let's suppose you're on a road trip to Ohio, and you notice your gas tank to be low. Uh oh, well your first instinct would most definitely be to open up either app on your phone to search for the nearest gas station. But what if the "nearest" gas station is on the other side of the freeway. Well that would not only waste more gas, but also cost you at least half an hour delay on your trip.

With RestStop, however, you need not worry. RestStop takes into account your trajectory and determines your route through a special algorithm that takes advantage of the apis provided by services like Yelp, Google Maps, Bloomberg, Department of Transportation, etc. With the swipe of a finger, you can easily find a Gas Station within 2, or 3, or even 12 exits from your current location.

Another awesome aspect of this app is the app's use of the Bloomberg API, in which, it takes advantage of it's instant access to price data and ensures that as the user, you are given options to find the lowest price anywhere. Why should you settle for the closest gas station, when another station just a mile ahead is providing gas at a much cheaper cost? This use of real-time data cannot be found within any other app.

And the best part of all? The ease of use that the simple spinner offers to you. At a first glance, you are welcomed by a beautiful spinner, with which you can tell the app how far you're willing to go, and the app instantly pulls data that matches your current needs, organized in neat sections. The app dynamically adjusts to your current mode of transportation, whether it be public transit, your own car, or even walking, RestStop seamlessly brings together this data to make your life easier, so you can spend more time doing what you want to rather than finding it.

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