After becoming aware of the effect the fast fashion industry is having on the environment and learning that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, our team became inspired to start investigating solutions to the textile waste problem.

What it does

Restore enabled clothing are products that are vetted to have been ethically produced from recycled textile materials or renewable materials with the least environmental impact, they're each given a unique identifier embedded in an RFID/NFC chip that when scanned takes you to an app environment that allows you to learn more about the product.

The app experience also allows the consumers to organize and curate their own outfits, as well as providing data on garments that aren't worn often encouraging the individual to "CLOSE THE CYCLE" and RESTORE their clothes, at which point they'll take their worn Restore enabled clothing into a supporting location to turn them in earning karma (discounts) towards other clothes that are restored.

Additionally the RFID chip gives customers an enhanced in store experience that allows for the use of smart dressing rooms, curated looks, and delivers important consumer trend data to retailers.

Basically, buy restored clothes, up-cycle them at a supporting retailer when you no longer wear them, and earn discounts towards more restore enabled products.

How we built it

The NFC chips are encased in waterproof PPS material rated IP 68 to protect them from laundering, programmed with the garment's unique id and then sewn into garments.

Challenges we ran into

None of the members on our team had experience sewing garments before so we overcame that challenge to create something to demo the chip.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our group was compromised primarily of individuals that had never attended a hackathon event before! We're most proud of accomplishing a new experience and delivering a unique perspective on retail.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the textile waste problem the world faces, as well as a bit about encoding NFC chips, and some of their potential applications.

What's next for Restore Applications

Development or deployment of the app, surveying retailers for interest to see if they'd like their brands to participate in the ethical/conscious consumption trend.

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