This is an adventure of a Soldier Pill whose main mission is to fight food poisoning.

It all started when someone ate leftover food that has gone bad.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the infected slimes to finally conquer the "Stomach". But it was not that easy as "Soldier Pill" has been swallowed in order to fight with them. In this combat, Soldier Pill has three very big responsibilities:

  • Heal all the infected slimes before they conquer the whole stomach
  • Be fast so that slimes cannot spread their disease anymore.
  • Don't die

Please, use a-d keys to move, space to jump, and mouse-left for shooting. R is for restarting.


Sound Design

Special thanks to Sandy and Scott for providing the sound design for our game.

How we built it

We used love2d and Lua for the game and photoshop and illustrator for the graphics.

Challenges we ran into

Game physics.


PS: the file is too big even when compressed so please try the github link provided.

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