Pebble Reservoir

We would like to introduce Reservoir, a native pebble application written completely in Pebble C, which allows users to track their water consumption over time and mark their progress with achievements.


As athletes, we have experimented over and over again with different nutritional and habit variations, and we consistently find a lot to benefit from drinking more water. We hope to help encourage athletes (and everyone else, of course) to take advantage of proper hydration.


- A wearable that not only reminds, but encourages: fun graphics to track your progress.
- Persistent Statistics - know how much you've consumed not only in servings, but also in gallons!
- A built-in reminder that pings your watch every few hours to remind you to drink some H2O.

Perfect For

Anyone! We encourage everybody to be more aware of their hydration habits. While certain groups like athletes, students, or those with an illness need to be very conscious of their water intake, everybody can use a hand (or a watch :) ) in being aware of how much they should be drinking.

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