With increasing production of electronic devices, the carbon emission is also increasing drastically. Even the process like recycling have a high usage of resources like water and electricity which are also (though in lesser quantities) degrading the environment. UN has set up Sustainable Development Goals which set up certain goals that we need to match up in future. Sustainable Development Goal 12 is about "responsible consumption and production" and Sustainable Development Goal 13 is about climate action. Seeing that a large amount of carbon emissions come from development of electronics, we decided to make an app that can help people not just recycle by also REUSE the old electronics.

What it does

ResCo is an app which can be used to build a network of NGOs and volunteers. People who want to donate any electric gadget can simply fill their details and a volunteer can collect it from them. Later if anyone needs the same, they can fill in the form from the app itself. Our volunteers authenticate the person and decide the result of their application.

The details of the donator are private and are never revealed. The story of the borrower can be highlighted on the app so as to encourage other people to use it as well. The app also integrates the concept of abstract rewards to encourage people to REUSE more.

How we built it

We did an extensive research on miro. Due to the virtual environment, most of the communication was based on Discord. We used dart and flutter to make the app. The prototype was made using adobe illustrator and adobe xd. We used firebase as the database for the app

Challenges we ran into

While designing the structure of the social startup, we had be very careful leaving minimal loopholes and keep privacy of user safe at all the stages. Our team is still new to dart and firebase, so it took alot of time in setting up the initials.

How can we motivate people to join this?

✅ We used the concept of abstract rewards and introduced Sustainability Coins which will motivate people. We aim to add a leader board for the same at different stages.

🔥🔥People don't usually donate electronics because they prefer to sell it. At times, we just hoard these stuff because we don't get a good selling price. (And for most stuff you won't even!) We are here to change the habit of hoarding. We aim to motivate people by showing them the way their donated products are being used. 🔥🔥

Accomplishments that we're proud of

✅ Donate easily. Our network of NGOs will connect with you.
✅ Submit request for any requirement and explore donations.
✅ Proper authentication before donation passed on.
✅ Read how your donation helped someone.
✅ No direct contact between donator and donate.
✅ Privacy maintained at all stages.

What we learned

We were able to develop a flutter based app partially. We learnt about constructing structure of a business and network based app. We also learnt about tackling various privacy issues one can raise for an app.

What's next for ResCo

✅ Creating a all volunteer driven social startup.
✅ Connecting with NGOs.
✅ Growing the reach.
✅ Decentralizing the system with Campus focused groups.
✅ Reduce carbon consumption extensively.

Current Work

Design Prototype

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Flutter Stories Section

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Flutter Login and Product Explore Section

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