Beep-Beep-Beep! Your alarm is screaming at you at some ungodly hour. You force yourself to crawl out of bed, throw on clothes, and begin to shiver as you impatiently wait at a bus stop. After waiting 10 minutes at the bus stop and then 20 minutes on the bus, you arrive on campus and walk to your advising office only to find a line of equally as sleepy students. While you wait you overhear a student get sent away because he didn't come with a four year plan already made. You scramble together a 4 year plan and arrive at the front of the window. You ask to see an advisor, but the student at the window tells you that your major advisor is not working this week and that the other advisor are all booked for the day. The student then guarantees you that they could check your 4 year plan. The student looks at it, pretends to read it, and hands it back and with a "looks good" and a thumbs up. You leave feeling unsatisfied, but semi-accomplished. 8 weeks later you receive an email telling you that you need to take a certain class by spring quarter. You look at your 4 year plan and are unable to find it and see that the classes you planned to sign up for aren't offered during that quarter. You then set your alarm, and prepare to start the process again. - This is what Requorse solves.

What it does

Requorse is a program that asks questions about what courses a student has taken and what their major is and comes up with a 4 year plan.

How I built it

We built Requorse in a way such that it can be implemented at all schools using an algorithm that checks when classes are offered and what classes would be best for you to take during each quarter depending on what the future quarters hold.

Challenges I ran into

We knew Python was the right tool for the job, however, none of us had ever coded in Python so we all had to learn it for this project. Another issue was figuring out how to effectively represent major requirements in the database. That use nested or’ed and and’ed tuples within each other. We have ran into a few bugs within the implementation of our recursive algorithm.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have done so much in such a small amount of time while keeping a strong an enthusiastic team mentality.

What I learned

We learned Python, how to delegate work effectively, and how to work and code as a team using people's strengths in order to come out with the best product quickly.

What's next for Requorse

We hope to implement Requorse into UCSC's school system and then spread from college to college to help students avoid this long and tedious process.

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